Unplanned Pregnancy

Discovering you are pregnant, especially if it was unplanned, can release a whole range of emotions which can feel overwhelming. Many different considerations may come crowding in – your circumstances, your relationships, your financial situation, your plans for the future, your desires and deepest feelings. You may have conflicting thoughts and emotions, with your circumstances suggesting one course of action and your feelings leaning towards another. Your head and your heart can pull you in different directions.

In addition, you and the other person involved in the pregnancy may have different feelings and thoughts about what to do, or you may be worried about what your friends and family will think and say and not know where to turn.

Speaking to someone who is neutral and outside of the situation can help you to disentangle all of these different thoughts and feelings as you consider your options and come to a decision.

Front view of a sad girl embracing a pillow sitting on a couch


The Haven offers:

  • A safe place to explore your thoughts, feelings and concerns in a neutral, unpressured environment
  • Information on available options:
    • to continue with the pregnancy and become a parent
    • to continue with the pregnancy and release the child for adoption
    • or to end the pregnancy by termination
  • Confidential, non-judgmental, non-directive support from our trained advisors to help you make the decision that is best for you
  • Free pregnancy tests


"The counselling session helped me to centre myself during a stressful time in an environment that was free of judgment and completely private. My feelings felt validated at a time when I wasn't sure who to confide in. I realised from the counselling that I had been feeling pressured by my partner and I needed to look at the situation more holistically.

Ultimately I came to a decision that sits well for me in my circumstances and I would recommend anyone who feels confused or distressed to reach out to The Haven for help in their vulnerable moment."

(Haven client)


Because we are unable to refer clients directly for a termination, you can be sure of impartial advice.

We can provide ongoing emotional support and advice whatever the outcome.


To book a free appointment to talk privately and confidentially with one of our volunteer Advisors, you can contact us by email or by phone on 01444 233 333.