About us

The Haven Pregnancy Counselling Centre is a Christian charity motivated by faith and compassion, providing a non-judgmental service to all, irrespective of beliefs.

The trained volunteer advisors who offer counselling at The Haven are committed Christians from various local churches, and some of our funding also comes from churches.

As followers of Jesus Christ we seek to demonstrate his love, mercy and compassion at all times, and it is this compassion that motivates us to serve and give our time freely to this work and to our clients. Therefore, it is core to our values to treat every client with care and respect, regardless of their gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

The Haven's street entrance


The Haven's counselling room


Our approach is client-centred, non-judgemental and non-directive.

We take our lead from the client in terms of the issues they want to explore. If this includes spiritual issues, we aim to support the client to explore what is important to them.

We train advisors and educators to work in a way that is sensitive and appropriate to the client's culture and beliefs, and our service has proved to be valuable to people from various faiths and cultures.

Not all of our volunteer counsellors have a professional counselling qualification, but all have received specialist training for this work, and we follow the BACP Code of Ethics and Practice.

If you would like to make an appointment to talk privately and confidentially with one of our volunteer Advisors, you can contact us by email or by phone on 01444 233 333.


Haven Centre Staff

Caroline - The Haven Centre Manager

Centre Manager and Advisor
(Chartered Clinical Psychologist)

Jo - The Haven Centre Advisor


Kate - The Haven Centre Advisor


Clare - The Haven Centre Advisor


Clare - The Haven Centre Advisor