Pregnancy Loss

Experiencing a miscarriage or stillbirth can leave you feeling overwhelmed with grief while also feeling lonely and isolated.

Our free and confidential sessions are available for women or men, with or without partners.

Pregnancy Loss journey:

Read a detailed account of a client's journey with the Haven



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The Haven offers:

  • A safe place for any bereaved parent who has lost a baby at any stage of pregnancy or at birth
  • Emotional support from a trained advisor to help you talk through your experiences and feelings
  • A structured approach to help you work through your grief and begin to move forward


If you would like to make an appointment to talk privately and confidentially with one of our volunteer Advisors, you can contact us by email or by phone on 01444 233 333.


Ataloss logo - Helping bereaved people find support and wellbeing

AtaLoss helps bereaved people find support and wellbeing. Their vision is that no bereaved person in the UK should be left floundering or alone and unable to find support when they need it. They want there to be universal routine referral so that everyone can find timely, appropriate and effective support in the interests of their mental and physical health as well as practical, financial, social and spiritual wellbeing.

You may find it helpful to visit their website and read some of the helpful bereavement resources available.

The Haven Pregnancy Counselling Centre is listed in the AtaLoss directory.