Health and Safety Policy

February 2021


Volunteer safety whilst with The Haven is a number one priority. We ask volunteers always to conduct themselves in a way that ensures their own and other team members’ safety. If a volunteer ever feels unsafe, they must alert one of The Haven team immediately or call 999 if they feel they are in immediate danger.

When lone working in the building in the evening, volunteers may text the Centre Manager (or other agreed person) at the start and end of the session to check in, if they are in any way concerned about safety.

We recommend the following:

  • Always tell someone where you are going, how long you will be at the Centre, giving them the contact number of your mobile.
  • Ensure your mobile has sufficient battery and credit for the duration of the meeting.
  • When your session is finished let the contact person know with a text that you are leaving.
  • If you feel in danger whilst in the presence of an ‘aggressor’, we suggest you call the contact person and use the code work in the conversation.
  • We have set up the code word ‘Poppy’ and this will alert us to take appropriate action.


Pregnancy testing

This is an exceptional procedure that may take place in the course of our work and will take place only after specific training. This training will include procedures in order to keep our Advisors and others safe when handling a client’s urine.


Covid-safe procedures

During the Covid-19 pandemic, extra care will be taken over cleaning at the centre, and other measures to avoid the transmission of infection, according to our Covid Risk Assessment.


Health and Safety Policy

This policy is available for download.