Equal Opportunities Policy

October 2023


It is a fundamental principle held by the Trustees, staff and volunteers at The Haven Pregnancy Counselling Centre that all people are equally valued regardless of their gender, age, disabilities, race, ethnic origin, language, religion or sexual orientation.

We are therefore committed to promote equality of opportunity by:

  • Ensuring that services are equally accessible and relevant to the needs of different user groups
  • Ensuring any individual’s beliefs or convictions are not compromised in any way
  • Using appropriate recruitment and employment practices and procedures

We will use our influence to promote understanding and harmony between people

We will work to raise staff and volunteer awareness through on-going training and the monitoring of our service to encourage all those working with The Haven to take responsibility for achieving these objectives and continuously seek to improve our performance.

We will work with other agencies and organisations in seeking to eliminate discrimination, harassment and attack on any group or individual.


Equal Opportunities Policy

This policy is available for download.