Complaints and Plaudits Policy

October 2023


Complaints Procedure

The purpose of this document is to ensure that:

  1. receipt of any client or volunteer complaint, in whatever form, is formally recorded and acknowledged (therefore name and contact details must be taken)
  2. full details of the nature and validity of the complaint are obtained
  3. appropriate immediate remedial action is identified and implemented
  4. the root cause of the problem is investigated, effective corrective action and any related preventive action is taken to eliminate the root causes and /or identify potential problems


Initial documentation and processing:

On receipt of any verbal complaint, the complainant will be sent a copy of the Complaints Procedure and invited to meet with the Centre representatives to discuss the nature of the complaint and, if possible, resolve any difficulties. This should take place within 14 days from when the complaint is received. The details of the complaint and how it was resolved will be recorded by the Centre Manager. One copy will be sent to the complainant, and another kept on file in the Centre.

If the complainant wishes to initiate a formal complaint, they will be invited to put in writing the exact nature and detail of the complaint. This will be noted and filed by the Centre Manager and a written acknowledgement sent with a copy of the Complaints Procedure within five working days. The complaint will be considered by the Trustees and appropriate action taken.

A formal response to the complainant will be made by the Trustees within one calendar month of the acknowledgement, outlining a response to the complaint.

Where applicable, the response will acknowledge any failure on the part of The Haven workers to act in accordance with approved policies. It will include details of action taken as a result of the complaint.


Client Feedback and Plaudits

Programme Evaluation forms received at the end of the Time to Heal programme are passed onto the Centre Manager, who will read them and keep them on file. Where appropriate, these are shared anonymously with the other Advisors, the Trustees and the Supervisor, in order to acknowledge and celebrate the good work that has been done, and to share in the joy of positive outcomes.

Similarly, Advisors are encouraged to share any plaudits received (whether verbal or written) with the rest of the team.


Complaints and Plaudits Policy

This policy is available for download.