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Oakmeends School logoFor the last few years we have been involved with local schools and taking lessons.   The lesson which run alongside their PSHE and citizenship lessons are well received by the schools. The idea is to get them thinking about an unplanned pregnancy in an informal way to help them develop their own understanding.   

We encourage the students to look at the three main options available in an unplanned pregnancy; the students get into groups to discuss the positives and negatives of the different options.  In this lesson we include a Lifeline Game which highlights the developments of the foetus in the womb; the students are invited to participate in the game and at the end of the game to consider when they think life begins. 
We work well within the limits of the schools ethos  and are non-directional in our approach, encouraging the students to think for themselves.   
If you are involved with a local school, or would like to consider volunteering for The Haven please contact us to discuss our possible support for the lessons.
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